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Our consultants can support your acoustical needs at various phases of your project

Design Phase

We understand that all designs are unique. Based on your design intent and expected function for the space, our mechanical engineers and acoustic consultants will conduct an in depth analysis on your drawing plans and Bill of Materials. You will receive our recommendations in the form of a report that will fulfill all your acoustical needs.


  • Basic Assessment Report 

  • Environment Noise Monitoring

  • Boundary Noise Limit Requirements (NEA Compliant)

  • Machinery Noise Analysis

  • Noise Profiles

  • Graphical Anaylsis

Built Phase

During the Build Phase, we work with your contractors to ensure that their methods are able to meet your acoustical needs. Without proper construction knowledge for acoustic materials, the materials more often than not fail to perform as expected.

Completed Phase

Unsure if your contractors have met the requirements set out by you or your clients? Our engineers are able to conduct on-site acoustical testing and present to you an acoustical verification report. If the results are unsatisfactory, our report includes recommendation for rework.

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