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Acoustic Plaster Ceiling



Our acoustic plaster is imported from Sweden. It is a high-quality plastering system that absorbs unwanted ambient noise in a any indoor environments. Our acoustic plaster solution spray can be applied to walls and ceilings, its highly absorbent qualities allow for optimum acoustic control in large, commercial spaces. Aesthetically pleasing, acoustic plaster ceiling looks exactly like a well done plaster ceiling. 

Our wooden perforated panels are suitable for all venues. It can be used for walls, ceilings and floors. All panels are produced and made in Singapore, allowing for a shorter lead time with higher degrees of customization. Depending on your acoustic and aesthetic needs, our team will be able to advice you professionally. Our wooden perforated panels are able to diffuse sound evenly, reducing obvious reverberations and echoes while maintaining a live environment. Depending on the size and distance of the holes, the panels are able to absorb frequency in the low, medium high range.

Wooden Perforated Panels



Acoustic Fabric Wall



The Acoustic Fabric Wall can be embedded partially or completely to the surface of your wall or ceiling. It is the best way to maximize the absorption surface area of your venue, to create a serene and relatively echo-free environment for better communication and rest. 

Completed projects by Consoundancy (Studio and meeting rooms, Singapore)

We customize our soundproofing and acoustical treatment solution to fit your outdoor needs and venue. 


Completed noise reduction barrier project (Birdcage, Singapore)

Outdoor Acoustics

Practical &


Acoustic Operable Wall



The Acoustic Operable Wall can be used dynamically within venues to create new private spaces for your activity of choice. It is useful to prevent intermingling of individuals while still having the flexibility of holding large events. 

Located at a noise sensitive premise or anticipating heavy activities for your commercial/residential space? Our acoustic floor underlay is lab tested to reduce impact noise up to 45dB. It can installed under most floor types - carpets, wood or sprung floors etc. It can also be retrofitted to existing carpet flooring post renovation. 

Acoustic Floor Underlay

Concealed &

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